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Group A – Pre-Ballet 1 (4-year-olds)

Children expand their range of movement vocabulary in a creative and playful manner. Each lesson celebrates the poise/structure of classical ballet; enhances coordination, musicality, and movement dynamics with an emphasis on creative expression. Emphasis placed on eye-hand/eye-foot exercises for basic coordination. Learning outcomes: following/listening to direction, basic ballet movements, lengthening attention span, timing, rhythm, musicality, basic ballet etiquette, working with partners in a learning atmosphere, locomotor and non-locomotor exercises.

Group B – Pre-Ballet 2 (5 year olds)

Children are introduced to formal study of classical ballet with appropriate skill development, creative expression, and music appreciation. Exploration of relationship between music and dance. Pointed toes and stretched knees are developing and/or already achieved - focus on stretching and strengthening exercises. Additional ballet vocabulary is introduced.

Group C – Pre Primary Ballet (6 year olds)

Creativity and technique are fused into class that refines musicality, flexibility and control. Students will study basic ballet concepts while also continuing to hone their creative expression.

Learning outcomes focused on include plies, tendus, marches, sautés, echappes, skips, galops, polka. Students have ballet etiquette and have greater ease travelling through space.

Group D – Primary Ballet (7 year olds)

Learning the progression of a standard ballet barre, and learning the French vocabulary that defines all the steps in ballet. Students continue to develop ballet vocabulary through barre/centre work. Exercises emphasize and develop balance, posture and spatial awareness. The importance of musicality and self-expression continue in this age group, in addition to individual/group movement patterns thorugh space.

Students should be able to:

-plié with their backs straight and knees over toes.

- relevé with their weight in the middle of their toes.

-pull their tummy in and lengthen their back.

- show understanding and beginning signs of coordinated arm movements with leg movements.

Group E – Elementary Ballet (8+ year olds)

Students introduced to elementary exercises for mastering the placement of the body, legs, arms & head, and developing elementary skills in the coordination of the steps. Basic musicality & rhythm, turn out and refinement of rotation mechanisms, and the proper serious attitude toward ballet are emphasized.

Students should be able to:

- do frappé, rond de jambe en dehors and en dedans, knows the difference between a passé and a retiré, and an elevé and a piqué.

-Can cambré devant and derrière with straight knees.

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